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Elsa Genderbend Cosplay
I just wanted to thank all the people that liked/faved/reblogged/retweeted this cosplay photos (also the last one, the one i took in the toilet XD), i really didn’t expect that! It was such a surprise and i’m so happy about it!

This cosplay really means a lot to me since…Elsa’s personality’s really similar to mine, she’s very unsure about herself and always feels like she has to contain all the feelings she has inside…Also…I kinda felt like i’ve lost probably the most important person in my life…And the best way to go on with this pain was to, literally, Let it go. I still have to work on it, but i hope the path i’m taking’s going to guide me to a much better place than before. I hope everything’s gonna have a happy ending like in Disney movies!
DHNUJANDAPOQ enough with these stupid personal thoughts XD

If you wonder if i’m going to cosplay the King Of Ice And Snow versionOf course i will! Be patient (not too much!)!

I still have lots of Elsa’s cosplay photos to upload, so if you want to stay tuned please follow me!

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